Journalistic Writing

My professional background is in health & fitness journalism, and I’ve covered exercise, nutrition, weight loss and health behavior for several outlets, including Men’s Health and U.S. News.

cardio myth coverIn 2016, I coauthored a book with well-known fitness expert Craig Ballantyne. The Great Cardio Myth examines what the exercise research of the past 60 years has actually shown us, and how it’s been misinterpreted and distorted. The book is available on Amazon and in bookstores Jan. 1, 2017.

Below are a few of my journalistic health and lifestyle pieces. For more, please visit my blog.


The Great Cardio Myth (Jan. 1, 2017, Fair Winds Press) by Craig Ballantyne & Chelsea Ratcliff


Your Guide to Exercising Through the Ages (U.S. News “Live to 100” eBook)

Articles (Online) 

Three Signs Your Exercise Plateau is Mental (Business Insider)

For Better Body Results, Pick a Workout That Challenges Your Mind (U.S. News)

How to Know If You’re Exercising Too Much (U.S. News slideshow)

Four Things Women Should Be Doing in Their Fitness Training—But Aren’t (Yahoo!, U.S. News)

Need Fitness Motivation? There’s an Avatar for That (U.S. News)

Why Photos – Not Words – Count on Restaurant Menus (U.S. News)

How Health-Related Disclaimers are Fooling You (U.S. News)

Big Stores, Big Bellies? (U.S. News)

Is ‘Smellvertising’ Sabotaging Your Diet? (U.S. News)

Articles (Print) 

Argue Effectively (Men’s Health magazine, May 2017)

Natural Brain Boosters, Do You Need Help?, A Brain’s Best Friend (three sidebars for special issue on mental health) (Men’s Health magazine, April 2017)

Get More Out of Your Drugstore (Men’s Health magazine, Jan/Feb 2017)

Splendid Delis (Cover Story, Community Magazine)

Secret Garden Bistros (Cover Story, Community Magazine)

Mind-Body Workouts (Cover Mention, Community Magazine)

Wild Workouts: Try Aerial Yoga, Hooping or CrossFit (Community Magazine)

Healthy Buffets (Community Magazine)

Citizens on Guard: A Closer Look at the Convoy of Salt Lake’s Guardian Angels (Utah State Trooper)

Behind the Crime Lab Doors: An Inside Look at the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services (Utah State Trooper)