I provide consulting for a small number of health and science related communication research projects. Consulting services include research design, data collection, data analysis, and manuscript writing and editing.

I have a unique combination of scientific training and 10 years of professional experience in marketing and publishing, primarily in the health and technology sectors. Prior to academia, I also worked as a freelance health journalist for 6 years, covering exercise, nutrition, weight loss and health behavior for outlets like Men’s Health and U.S. News.

cardio myth cover

In 2016, I coauthored a book with well-known fitness expert Craig Ballantyne. The Great Cardio Myth examines what the exercise research of the past 60 years has actually shown us, and how it’s been misinterpreted and distorted.

For inquiries about health-related writing and communication campaign research and design consulting, contact me at chelseawriting [at] gmail [dot] com.