Current Projects

My research program has two primary focuses: effective communication of scientific uncertainty and mitigation of psychological reactance in health contexts. I’m especially interested in advancing theory in both areas. I love collaborating on research, so please feel free to reach out.

(1) Communicating Scientific Uncertainty

This research is the main focus of the Communicating Uncertain Science to the Public (CUSP) lab and has two aims. The first aim is to examine how scientific uncertainty is currently portrayed to the public and/or prospective research participants. The second aim is to test whether current communication practices produce unintended effects (e.g., loss of public trust, unrealistic expectations for science, research participant attrition) that could be remedied through improved ways of communicating about scientific complexity and uncertainty.

Related projects and publications:

(2) Mitigating Reactance in Health Contexts

Psychological reactance occurs when individuals feel their autonomy is being threatened, such as by invasive or overtly persuasive communication approaches. My recent projects include:

Reactance to Persuasive Health Appeals

Reactance to Highly Tailored Health Information

Planned research will look at whether reactance can arise from hypertailored health communication (e.g., in precision medicine). Related projects include: