Uncategorized · August 5, 2019

Summer at the Max Planck Institute

Photo credit: Melisa Basol

This past June I was selected to attend the Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality with 39 other emerging scholars from around the world. It was a wonderful experience!

Now in its 19th year, this international program is hosted by the Center for Adaptive Rationality and the Harding Center for Risk Literacy at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin.

Participants attend curated talks and workshops on decision-making under uncertainty and learn how to effectively communicate uncertainty (e.g., of scientific evidence or technological risk) to the public. Attendees also have the chance to present their own work-in-progress and get feedback from leading researchers and peers.

This year’s Institute theme was “bounded rationality in a digital world.” We examined human decision-making in a range of contexts, as well as issues in modeling and ethical dilemmas in AI. Speakers included Gerd Gigerenzer, Ralph Hertwig, Stefan Herzog, Iyad Rahwan and many others.

I presented work from my dissertation on how the public makes decisions about whether to participate in precision medicine research, navigating the many uncertainties inherent in this space.